Teach a creAIte Course

We are releasing our curriculum for others to distribute and use. Please sign up below if you wish to have access.

Below is a basic outline of a potential workshop agenda:


Introduction to Machine Learning

Introduction to Neural Art

Experiment with TensorFlow Playground (playground.tensorflow.org)

Introduction to Tools & Neural Art Creation

Introduction to Machine Learning course

This course introduces the main question, "What happens when art interacts with technology?" It also discusses machine learning, linear regression, and provides the high-level intuition behind neural networks.

Available Curriculum​

Introduction to Neural Art Course​

This high-level course provides an overview of different ways for a machine learning model to generate art. Teachers are encouraged to learn more and get more into depth, depending on the previous experience of participants.

Introduction to Neural Art Tools​

This mini-lesson gives a brief overview of different ML tools for creating art. These will be used for the neural art creation portion of the curriculum.

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